SJCX dissapeared from my Counterwallet

How could i get some help on this??

I bought these coins back in December via POLONIEX.

I have the screen caps to show evidence of my purchase and subsequent transfer OUT of poloniex INTO my counterwallet.

Pls help!

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Nearly all addresses disappeared, how do I re-add a specific address?.

Also see this for a description how to use a free utility to obtain private keys of all addresses from your wallet, in case you want to sweep those from another location (such as a different wallet).

Great, got the balance back.

Now it wont let me withdraw the SJCX… says i need to deposit .0005 BTC into the SJCX wallet?

If i DO go ahead and do that will it finally let me withdraw? i see a lockbox image on the SJCX balance (bottom right)

Yes, it’s all explained on this forum:

I think even 0.0002 might be enough, if you want to save 0.0003 you can try to open a test wallet on to test (you would need to get a small amount of testnet bitcoin to test; if you don’t know how you can paste your testnet address here and I’ll send it to you).

Of course, it’s your token/wallet.
The lock icon means the issuance of SJCX coin is locked by the issuer (Storj), i.e. they can’t issue any additional quantity of it.

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