Server Error while creating an Asset

Hello, first of all, I tried both servers : (Coindaddy and Counterwallet).

I have enough funds to cover the fees : BTC and XCP

I tried to create an Asset, but I get this error

Sorry, we got an error when trying to do the requested action: 'JSON-RPC Error:
Type: Server error

Code: -32000

Message: Got call_jsonrpc_api request error: result is None

' (API method: create_armory_utx).

If this persists, please click on the question mark button on the top right-hand corner of the screen for support options.

I suspect it comes from the bitcoin wallet type (armory offline).

Do you have any solution ?

Armory is a beast to run (takes up 90+ gigs of space), and is no longer maintained… probably best to stop using it, and just issue from a counterwallet address.

I can not use a wallet like Electrum instead ?

you can use any bitcoin address that you control the private keys to… its just a matter of how easy you want it to be… if you create an asset with a counterwallet address, it is very easy… otherwise, you will probably have to register the asset manually… ie, construct API call to create issuance from your address, then get unsigned transaction and sign with your private key, then broadcast the transaction.

Easiest is to just use counterwallet. Your wallet is HD, and the keys never leave your browser, so every bit as secure as other wallets.

How you could do it now is:

  • register with regular address
  • after 6 confirmations, transfer asset ownership to another address (such as 2_N_M_2)

Next time you want to do something with the asset, such as pay dividend or increase issuance) you’d have to use that multisig address to do it.
It can be a bit complicated but maybe it’s worth it considering the extra security.

I suggest you try on testnet first, just to make sure you can get the asset out of the multisig address if you can’t transact from it.

It’s easier (and less secure) to go for a non-offline multisig approach:

  • create one of the addresses in counterparty-cli which can be installed to run from Tails VM, with Bitcoin Core in another VM.
  • Use the other address in Counterwallet

Since these addresses aren’t related (such as derived from the same pass phrase) and there’s also multisig, this would be fairly secure. I am currently getting stuck in the last step.