Send Counterparty Token w/ Electrum

Jochen Hoenicke has a guide for sending USDT (Omni) with Electrum - How to send USDT with Electrum

The same technique will work with Counterparty. The token transfer is encoded in an OP_RETURN message. With Electrum you simply set the recipient as OP_RETURN followed by the correct HEX code (and very important - amount BTC is 0)

It should not take more than a few hours to code a javascript to make the Counterparty send data.

Joe Looney has made the library. I used it for CounterTools and Vanilla Wallet.

An updated version of Joe Looney’s library here: Freeport-extension/transactions.js at master · loon3/Freeport-extension · GitHub

@loon3, can it send to multisig and bech32 addresses?

I successfully sent a Counterparty token with Electrum!

Will soon publish code, a guide and a simple html interface on github.

The process is very similar to Jochen Hoenicke’s guide for Omni, but with two major differences.

  1. Counterparty doesn’t require you to send BTC to the recipient because this address is included in the OP_RETURN script.

  2. Counterparty requires the ID of the input coin in addition to the send parameters (I guess to allow chaining of unconfirmed transactions)

Once I post on Github you can view the details. Basically I wrote one page of code only. The advanced stuff is achieved by Looney’s library.