Register Our Crypto Currency

I have been asked by my employer to research the top crypto currencies and find out what their requirements are to register our currency on their exchange. What are your requirements for us to register our crypto currency? Thank you

Register a Counterparty Address. Add some BTC and XCP. I forget the minimum BTC, but .01 works. You need a minimum of .5 XCP to register an asset name and issue tokens. You can register the name and issue tokens in one shot for .5 XCP, but further issuances are .5 XCP. Once you have tokens, you can trade the asset tokens on the exchange (DEX) and sell or vend the tokens on another venue, Coindaddy, Tokenly, Openbazaar, etc. If the asset name is taken, check Coindaddy to see if it is available for sale. If you need any of my meager assistance, hit me up here.