Looking for help creating new coin

Hello everyone
I’m looking for someone to help create a new coin to be used as a bitcoin alternative in a niche industry.

That’s about it. :slight_smile:


Good morning were looking for someone to help us create a new token

You simply register an asset using the counterparty.io platform and then you can use that asset/token for your products/services/ICO.


How do you set your initial price for your token?

The price displayed on xchain.io is calculated based off the last XCP trade price on the DEX.

If you want to set the initial trade price for your token on the DEX, simply place a sell order on the DEX, and then place a matching BUY order on the DEX… the buy and sell orders will match one another, a trade will take place, and your initial token price/marketcap is calculated.

Do I need XCP to do trades on the DEX? or BTC?

You need XCP to do trades on DEX and a little BTC for transaction fees 0.00001btc/kb for each trade or transaction should be enough. So you place an order trade XCP for your token and this needs a transaction fee in BTC because all is written to the bitcoin blockchain.