Proposals to improve the asset system

Just airing some ideas. If there’s support for them we can formalize a CIP.

  1. If, and only if, the owner of an assets holds the entire supply. Allow the owner to burn tokens. Allow the owner to change between divisible and indivisble.

  2. Adjust the asset issuance fee automatically.

  3. Allow the asset owner to issue sub-assets.

Why I think these are good ideas.

  1. 20.000+ assets have been registered with the sole purpose of reselling. Currently a buyer is stuck with the options made at the initial issuance,

  2. Now the fee is fixed at 0.5 XCP. Is it good for the protocol to have a rush of squatting when XCP is cheap? And have registering unaffordable when XCP is expensive? Maybe, it does stimulate services such as Coindaddy and a second hand market. My fear, though, is that the devs will try to hardfork a lower fee when XCP is much more expensive. A dynamic fee reduces the problems with a volatile XCP price.

  3. There’s been repeated requests for this. Wouldn’t it be more user friendly and safer if e.g. all SoG cards were on a format like SOGCARD.[CARDNAME] ?

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Also option to sell only 1.00 full asset what is already made divisible. Like if someone want sell only full SoG card what he have buy.

Also would be nice option if can sell many asset in same “packet” like if you own 10 SoG card and don’t want add each to different markets you can make packet offer what someone can buy in one time. If this option no have then there need escrow if you want sell all cards or what ever to someone.

I know this option no need but why make impossible to sell without escrow full deck of cards or full card if that is possible make with wallet…

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I think all three of these are worth a CIP.

2 is going to be the most technically challenging as there are many ways to go about implementing a floating fee.

3 can be achieved a few different ways. It would be a bit of work to implement in counterparty server, but I believe it is feasible.

1 is probably the simplest to implement and agree on since it is pretty straight forward. I recommend starting with that one. Would you like to start a separate thread with a rough explanation and rationale for this one?

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