Problems sweeping

I don’t believe this is related to the address “types”.

The CW server that was definitively updated with the latest code is, but embarrassingly that server is now having other intermittent problems. We’ll fix it up later today. Tomorrow please first try the beta box. 

Ok thanks. Nothing embarrassing about it, i’m sure all this programming is hard work. Keep up the good work.

I am having a similar issue. I am trying to sweep assets from another wallet into my Counterparty wallet. However, the “Private Key” field won’t recognize any private key I type in. It always shows in red “invalid private key” right below the field. I think this might be a malfunction.

Would I be able to sweep the assets into my Bitcoin QT wallet for Mac, and then send it over to Counterwallet?


Yes, if you import your private key into Bitcoin-QT and if you have the counterparty reference client installed you can use Counterparty CLI to send your asset to your Counterwallet address (see:

Although I tested the Counterwallet Import feature 2 days ago and it worked :/.

You’re probably using the wrong format. Result #1 ( for me is:
Try to use the format indicated in there.

Sorry for the delayed response. I don’t know how to use the Counterparty CLI. However I do have the Counterwallet Chrome extension. Would I be able to import private keys into the Chrome extension intead? (Please say yes!!!)

Okay, I see what you are saying there. The problem is that the private key I want to sweep is a cold (paper) wallet. Would I have to import this cold wallet into and then export it so that I can have the private key in the proper format?

If the key is not in the format that can be recognized, then yes, you could import it to and export it from there.