Pending broadcast: The pending is too long

Four days have already passed.

Pending broadcast:
Text: This XCP address was created by Takehisa to store the XCP for securing the value of the GSOS token.
Value: -1 4 days ago

When will my broadcast be successful?

You should have paid a higher fee for your transaction. At this point you need to just wait for your transaction to get into a block which may take a few more days.

Thank you for your message.
I have to pay high costs just by broadcasting. How is the cost calculated?
If this cost is too high, it may be difficult to increase new users.

The cost is calculated based off how busy the bitcoin network is and how much of a priority it is to you that your transaction get processed quickly. If you pay a low fee and the network is very busy, then your low fee transactions will take a while to get processed.

Counterparty is always looking to reduce transaction costs wherever possible, and there are upcoming solutions such as Hazama from Indiesquare ( which will allow for cheaper/faster transactions.

Thank you for jdogresorg’s sincere response.
I am expecting the completion of the system under development of HAZAMA.

I would like to pay another concern.
Does the existence of XCP sometimes disappear if the server run by jdogresorg is stopped or collapsed?
Can you tell me how to handle that case?

No, Counterparty data is all encoded to the Bitcoin blockchain, which means even if I turned off all of the Counterparty servers, anyone would still be able to start up their own Counterparty server, parse all the transactions from the Bitcoin blockchain, and then they would be able to send transactions themselves.

I run the websites (,, as well as the block explorer (, even if all of those websites went away and stopped working, Counterparty would still function fine :slight_smile:

Dear jdogresorg
I am grateful to you for the clear explanation.
I have imagined an ideal image that XCP should be, without anyone being taught.
So I didn’t have to think about the risk of losing XCP. I received an explanation this time, and I was able to recognize again that it was correct.
I have Bitcoincore and Monacoincore installed on my PC. But Bitcoincore is still not up to date. I did not find the XCP core yet, but I was able to find the setup that was released 2 days ago. Currently, we live in a system that must be taught and nurtured. XCP should be able to receive the joy given to people and its benefits, and introduce the value that can leave people’s life forever to human society. This is a fact that will become apparent after at least five years.
CP and XCP will be wonderful mechanism from now on, and I think that more people will surely understand.
Thank you again for the gentlemen jdog.

I had the same situation. God blessed this topic to get found. @jdogresorg explained him like i was the man of the issue. Thank guys…