How long for a buy to move from "pending" to completed?

hI ALL, A LITTLE ADVICE PLEASE - Any time frame as to when order goese from pending to coins available to use?
put order to buy xcp with btc on exchange in counterwallet.
Got a notification advising “order match” but shows as pending half an hour after receiving the notification.
In order history also shows order as pending
In open orders still shows my order but with zero amounts under buy and sell.
Checked and transaction shows there 3 blocks ago

more information such as your order transaction hash would help diagnose the issue.

Most times when a match takes place the funds are available in your account as soon as the order matching transaction is processed… However, if your trying to use BTC to buy/sell things on the DEX, it might be that your order matched, but the system is waiting on the buyer to send a BTCPAY transaction to pay for the funds.

These links might be helpful to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering JD
It was a btcpay transaction.
Do these take longer than normal and if so what sort of timeframe please from your experience?

heh… the above linked documentation says the buyer has 20 blocks to pay and make a BTCpay transaction or the order match will expire.

Using BTC on the DEX is tough… you might want to just stick to using XCP :slight_smile: