Payment stuck for hours


since it is not working to sent your this privat…your tutorial is not accurate. Because in messages there is no new message for new users. But anyway.

Please check the payment


This is a FEE issue… had you paid a higher transaction fee, your transaction would have been processed faster.

According to this page… your paying a TX fee of 0.00010000 BTC or 0.00020534 BTC/KB

Now when I look at this page I see that there are 34K+ transactions pending, and that there are suggested fees.

0.00052332 BTC = Low Priority Fee / Kb
0.00069654 BTC = Optimal Fee / Kb

0.00020534 BTC = Fee you paid.

So, as you can see, the issue is that the fee that was paid on the transaction was far below what should have been paid. (less than 1/2 of suggested low-priority fee)

Had a higher transaction fee been paid, then the transaction would have been confirmed faster. I imagine the transaction WILL be confirmed eventually.

Is it possible to cancel the transaction and resend it…it stuck there for ages …it can’t be that it will never be processed.
So you mean it is lost forever? I just took the fee that was suggested by the counterwallet ui…

How can this be solved?

Terrible situation. I’ve faced it too sometimes and I know how it feels :frowning:

If I am correct, there is nothing you can do it until it drops out of mempool. For a while now, each and every node will keep the transaction in memory. After some time, if the transaction does not go through, nodes will drop the transaction. They will not all drop it at the same time. You can check whether specific blocke explorers still have it or not

Once nodes start dropping your transaction from memory you can make a new transaction with a higher fee.

If a node sees your new transaction before the old transaction is dropped, they will reject the new one (right?).

Even if all nodes drop your tx from memory and you do not make a new tx, the old one can in theory go through in a week, or a month, or a year from now. All it takes is for someone to save it and rebroadcast it later.

So it all boils down to this:

  • Wait a day or two to see if goes through (often it does during off-peak or when lots of blocks are generated in a short amount of time)
  • If not, you MUST make a new transaction to override the old

@rubensayshi this sounds correct?

The newest version of bitcoin core 0.12 introduced a feature called replace by fee. This can be used to issue a transaction with a higher fee spending coins that have not yet been picked up in a block.

I think he could use that to create another tx using the same inputs, sign and try to broadcast (send).


Detailed walk-through: (if the transaction is a simple BTC send, then no changes should be required; if it’s a Counterparty transaction, then one would have to encode the payload first and in that case the procedure would have to contain additional steps)

There’s no way to do that in CW I think. If you create another it just sends the same amount again (so as you say you may overpay if the both happen to end up confirmed).

This by the way is a good reason to keep the CW minimum tx free per kB at a reasonably high level. Of course it hurts as well, but it’s a tradeoff and skilled users can use other wallets to spend lower fees, but these zombie transactions are hard to deal with and certainly something that regular users find confusing. (I’m not saying CW doesn’t need a per-tx fee or per-tx priority setting, of course).

@ioglnx: Which tutorial is not accurate?

I did some additional checking and:

  • Unfortunately seems to disallow null inputs in OP_RETURN (same as the annoying practice)
  • Bitcoin 0.13+ is required for RBF, but at the moment Counterparty doesn’t yet support it (as we’re waiting for Bitcoin Core addrindex).

Inconvenient workarounds that I think should work:

  • Fork and fix the annoyance in transaction composer
  • Use Bitcoin Core (official) 0.13.1 to be able to send RBF transactions (That’s a lot of data to download for a simple resend! Btw IIRC you can’t just point v0.13.x to existing 0.12.x blockchain and use the both). To be clear, you’d compose the RBF bitcoin transaction with counterparty-client against Bitcoin Core addrindex 0.12.1 (by btcdrak) and then just broadcast it from the latest official 0.13.1. I don’t think I’ll try this soon as I don’t have 100 GB of free space around.

So the first workaround seems more realistic until we have Bitcoin Core addrindex 0.13.1.

Edit: -walletrbf is the name of the new option in 0.13.1.


thanks for all the help and suggestion.
1.) I didn’t even touch the tx fee i don’t even know i could. I just made transaction as always.
2) Yeah I downloaded the bitcoin-core and double spend and wrote a Pool owner. I set a fee of 0.009BTC per KB which was very high and thus some broadcast don’t even wanted to rebroadcast due to high fee I paid.

SO the pool owner helped me out and included my tx in his block. I will from now on just use Bitcoin-Core which also calculates the min. tx fee already.


Counterwallet also uses Bitcoin Core recommended fees, but there may be something wrong with the way it works (it tends to use too high a fee; this is the first time that I hear it used too low a fee).