Paying dividends?


I want to have an ITO for my Token and then send to users according to their amounts bought of the free Dividend Tokens.
I am a little confused how i can MAKE SURE to give all that participated in ITO Free (Dividend Tokens) .
As surely some will be on exchange ,some in wallets. Does this matter, or how would you suggest i should go about it?

Also i will keep Tokens, mainly because my App will need Tokens to function, but dont want to receive Dividends for those Tokens obviously.
My Token is BLINGZ and i am hoping to get it listed on a Exchange soon, but need to comb out a few wrinkles still.
You can check it out and maybe give me some feedback as to foreseeable problems maybe,

Thanks guys

im not sure if this helps, but you can check out a video i made

Yeh i tested that much, but my concern is more towards those guys in Exchange that maybe dont have a Counterpartywallet ,but did buy of Token so deserve to get Dividents.
I am unclear if those guys will actually get dividents?
Nice video by the way.

I get what you need now. Well if you are paying dividends in BTC, and it goes to someones wallet on an exchange that is a BTC wallet then you should be fine. It would be no different then them sending BTC there on their own.


If you send any other token, this will cause problems. The token will still go to the exchange wallet, but if the exchange wallet is meant for BTC only, then they will be stuck there. This has happened multiple times before with folks and it can be a very annoying fix, if it can be fixed at all. The user has to go through the process of asking the exchange for the private key (as thats the only way to get them out) and sometimes the exchange will not give it to them. So be very careful if your users are using an exchange wallet in which dividends are in the form of a token.

But once again, if your dividends are BTC, then you should be fine