Order Book and XCP Balance do not coincide (still updating)

Hi support:

I am a new user of counterwallet, but should in principle be experienced enough to handle everything intuitively.

In order to check the functionality of the wallet I deposited a small amount of XCP (9.8 to be exact) and placed orders on several assets. Some already got accepted, some are outstanding, etc.

If I sum up all bids, asks, and trades in my order history, I should still have 2.553 available (e.g. for new trades). And this is exactly the amount that shows up in my balance. Now, what wonders me is that after the balance of 2.553 there is a parenthesis, which states (-1.097). My understanding is that XCP is still updating and that my true balance is -1.097, which obviously does not make any sense.

So, there seems to be a difference of 3.65 XCP between what my actual balance should be and to the balance that XCP wants to update to. The interesting thing is that I have exactly three outstanding bids: two for 2 XCP and one for 1.65 XCP. So, it looks like I have been charged twice for one of the 2 XCP bids and twice for the 1.65 XCP bid. But, again, my trade history seems to be correct.

My first question is whether my intuition about the problem is correct. My natural reaction is to cancel the outstanding bids and see what happens. But I fear that I will make things only worse, so I decided to post my question here.

Thanks a lot for your support.

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Could it be that -1.097 may be still unconfirmed sends (your last 1-2 orders, perhaps)

(It’s easy to check, use a blockchain explorer such as blockscan.com and see their Unconfirmed Transactions (if you suspect that’s in-flight XCP, or Order Matches (if you think that may be partially matched orders)).

IIRC that’s in-flight (unconfirmed) tx. Did you by any chance have 1 or more transactions that add up to 1.097 XCP?

Hi there,
thanks a lot for your answer. Back at home I checked the account again, and now everything seems fine.
But it is kind of strange (from a programming point of view) that during the process the double of the orders seem to have been subtracted for some time. It must have to do with the fact that the network had not yet updated entirely.


If you don’t pay a sufficient transaction fee, the network (miners) can refuse to process your transaction, so it’s not final till the network says is final.

I don’t know what each other was so I can’t say what exactly happened, but in any case, we didn’t have problems with deductions.