Offline Script for Counterwallet

Script for BIP32, using jmcorgan’s bip32utils:, wallet generation using 12 word mnemonics Counterwallet:

For a wallet use:
<br />wallet<br /><br />--pass-phrase<br />--search-depth<br />--show-private <br />--old<br />
For recovery use:
<br />recover<br /><br />--known-phrase <br />--known-address <br />--search-depth <br />--insertion-index <br />--old<br />

Recovery only does single word insertion at an index at the moment, that is until I figure out a good way to make the ecdsa faster, currently 1626*12 can be done in a number of hours (missing word, unknown location), So two missing words with known locations (1626**2) would take somewhat over a week, and a missing word with an unknown phrase ordering (even a comparatively small number like 11!*1626, would take far too long).

updated for the new wallet as well, use --old for your old wallet.