Not enough Bitcoin for transaction

I’m trying to buy NVST, but this platform isn’t allowing me to complete my objective. I have 2 wallets on my account. The first wallet 13j7vRmm2GsS7ZkJCgisB9Ct6cmTZGiK34 has 4.8 XCP and 0.0000543 Bitcoin. The second wallet 18XasaBrqhfapiyyYibu2ewJttrWEZhNNy has 0.00899999 Bitcoin, but no XCP. When trying to purchase NVST, I have to use 13j7vRmm2GsS7ZkJCgisB9Ct6cmTZGiK34. The following message shows up when I attempt to complete the order:

Cannot do this action as you have insufficient BTC at this address. Due to Bitcoin fees, each Counterparty action requires approximately 0.0005 BTC to perform.

Please deposit the necessary BTC into My Address #1 and try again.

I have more than 0.00899999 BTC in the second wallet. Should the platform be able to use the Bitcoin in the second wallet to complete the transaction? Any assistance provided would be much appreciated.

BTC is not shared between counterwawallet addresses… Each address is separate from any other address and funds are not shared.

The message is tell you EXACTLY what is wrong… it is telling you you dont have enough BTC in the address your trying to perform the action on. The simple solution is to send some BTC funds to the address to cover any transaction costs :slight_smile: