NEW export for sweep

Is there any way that I can import (from burning) address from NEW into

the bitcoin-qt export format is no more possible, only
WIF and

here is the answer for the OLD

but for tne NEW I do not find anything


Apparently the new approaches are more complicated.

If this procedure below is working then it’ll work for Counterwallet as well (you need to obtain the private key(s), basically)

thank you, but it is the same as I tried before (importing in bitcoin core)
I can import with WIF but do not have the Bitcoin-Qt Format that I need for sweeping in

Which type of wallet are you, the 1st (newest based on phrase) or the 2nd (WIF-based)?

I can import with WIF but do not have the Bitcoin-Qt Format that I need for sweeping in

So you have the 2nd (WIF) format? Why don’t you import with WIF?
Is your key by some chance compressed? The link in the article tells you how to decompress a compressed private key (,-After-importing-my-private-key-and-the-address-I-get-is-different-than-what-I-expected!)

my wallet is the 2nd (WIF-based) converted from the old one which had Bitcoin-Qt Format export.
(unfortunately I have upgraded and there is no backward)
I have the 2nd (WIF) format
with this

I can get
Key Formats: WIF, WIFC, HEX, B64, B6, MINI, BIP38
but no Bitcoin-Qt Format…


Import (Sweep) Tokens from Another Address
Import token funds by “sweeping” them from an external address into an address in this wallet.

Private Key To Import

Enter the unencrypted private key to the address with the tokens you want to move over.


Okay so the link says this: “If the compressed address is desired/needed the Private key will generally start with K or L, if the the uncompressed address is desired needed the Private key will start with 5.”

I went to CW and created a new wallet and displayed the private key from the first pre-created address:

This one starts with K so these appear to be compressed WIFs.

When I go to, create a wallet, in Wallet Details I paste the compressed private key I get all other formats.

You need unencrypted compressed private key for CW.
Does your key start with a letter or number (K/L or 5)?

I’m sure there are utilities out there that can convert from one private key format to another. Just disconnect yourself from the Internet when you use them. For extra security you could do it in a disconnected VM and delete the VM after you’re done. VirtualBox is free and so is Debian (or Ubuntu or other).

I found this tool here, I’m not sure how well it works.

Edit: I updated the FAQ on this topic. bitcoin-tool works as well as

thank you was the solution, but the first time last week there was a java graphics issue and I have not seen a context menu for right mouse click
now after a reboot I have seen it and can sweep…

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