I burned BTC through blockchain.info,and the Address have btc now, how to Import?

I burned 3 BTC through blockchain.info,

and the Address have 2 btc now,

when i Import the Private-Keys of the Address,

how much will be Imported?

2 ? or 3 ?

I just read about burning coins. So you had 5 btc and send 3 to a burned address keeping 2 btc.
As burning means sending coins to an address which has no private keys you cannot import them ever.
You can only import the remaining 2 btc which are not burned.

Assuming you did everything right at the 2015 initial burn, the address should hold more than 3000 XCP.
Confirm it on xchain.info

Confirm it on xchain.info?how to Confirm?
I burned 1 BTC through blockchain.info,but i can not Import the Private-Keys of the Address to counterwallet.how can Import xcp to counterwallet?thanks

  1. Make sure you do have XCP on the address. View it in xchain.io
  2. Get the address’ private key
  3. Use Counterwallet’s sweep function

my address have XCp and BTC
in Counterwallet,i use import another address and sweep,but chrome no response.