My HLTH coin are in my wallet , not showing up in the balance box

Thought I was seling my but instead , but was transferring them. The transaction completed by returning the coins back to counterparty wallet address.When looking at transaction my coins still go up and down in value. Not showing up in the HLTH balance box , the quantity tired to move. How do I sweep the coin quantity back into the HLTH balance box?

Continued from I transfered coin instead of selling them

I can see you have one transaction successful

But I do not understand your question. Is your destination address 14qx9KJkS7GRMMvLDjQf6GjgdHzT29wcNw in a counterwallet or at binance? Or do you want to exchange your HLTH for USD or BitCoin?

What is the HLTH balance box, can you make a screenshot?

I originally wanted to sell the coins for USD, the address 14qx9KJkS7GRMMvLDjQf6GjgdHzT29wcNw was for my Binance wallet.I had a brain fart. I was transferring the coins when I should have been selling them. The support at Binance told me the coins were delivered back to my Counter Wallet address . Id like the balance of HLTH of 4,165 to show back in the HLTH box that show my coin balance.

Copy and past from inside of my Counter Wallet below

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BTC This is my BTC box that show my BTC balance.

Bal: 0.0024129


Bal: 0

HLTH < This box in my Counter Wallet shows my coin balance

Bal: 1

At the binance wallet shows the coins are still there. So it was not delivered back from binance.

Address BTC Balance Total Estimated Value
14qx9KJkS7GRMMvLDjQf6GjgdHzT29wcNw 0.00000000 ($0.00) 416.50000000 XCP ($1,279.87)

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The HLTH coins were sent to binance but did not inter their platform storage for BTC address. The URL below is htpps:// address , for counterwallet. The price of the HLTH coin value goes up and down with the , with the change of market price changes. The HLTH coin are still with in counter wallet . Ill pay for BTC mining fees to put them back into my counterpart wallet. Paul Driskell

# Asset Amount Percentage of Supply Estimated Value
1 HLTH 4,165.00000000 0.00416500% 416.50000000 XCP ($1,279.87)

So Binance cannot send the HLTH back to your counterwallet? Do you have the private keys of your binance address? Then you could sweep the HLTH back to your counterwallet.

Is this the page that has private keys. What is the process to sweep the HLTH coin back too my wallet in counterparty.
Paul Driskell

Size 224 (bytes)
Weight 572
Received Time 2018-09-13 17:07:02
Included In Blocks 541273 ( 2018-09-13 17:10:04 + 3 minutes )
Confirmations 3633
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Inputs and Outputs
Total Input 0.1908635 BTC
Total Output 0.19084811 BTC
Fees 0.00001539 BTC
Fee per byte 6.871 sat/B
Fee per weight unit 2.691 sat/WU
Estimated BTC Transacted 0.01285708 BTC
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Input Scripts

Witness: 02463043021f17a02027367ff276adf7e0fcb5a9777d9d434a09126f678bb001c126324b4e0220560163ae3bd024b64c0ebb93bca6aa494aa7b1d5eb00fb7c44a5086bd5e999810121022797282cc013185e6c2657049c40612eea2d688e16a7ddc8866ec8a67018f1c4

Output Scripts

DUP HASH160 PUSHDATA(20)[2a2a5ff892eb1ec151a0402e1b3e01debcfb5878] EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG
0[] PUSHDATA(20)[e38ad055724046470804190ad98d5ea9b213e13c]

Are the keys on this page from Bianance.
Paul Driskell

bc1qe56rxsl8y42dzwjfgclda7dscjcrmftjryyx7r (0.1908635 BTC - Output) 14qx9KJkS7GRMMvLDjQf6GjgdHzT29wcNw - (Spent) 0.01285708 BTC
bc1quw9dq4tjgprywzqyry9dnr274xep8cfu7u2r39 - (Spent) 0.17799103 BTC

1,158.34 USD @2018-09-13T17:07:02Z

0.19084811 BTC

I do not understand. Please ask at binance if they provide private keys for your binance address 14qx9KJkS7GRMMvLDjQf6GjgdHzT29wcNw. Don’t post private keys in forum. But I heared they do not provide private keys. If Binance cannot send the HLTH back and they do not provide private keys then your HLTH coins are lost.