XCP coins sent Binance but could not get back!

I had got TRIGGERS. I sent them to the COUNTERWALLET asd exchange them with the XCP coins. From there i understood i can send XCP coins (185.6727) to a BTC adress. (Scrshot 1)

. So i sent to (Scrshot 2) my Binance BTC adress. (1J47vUkUDyBWZSxR7oTopo8FDAGnahvDLQ). Few days passed but i could not see them in my BTC account.

When i check my BTC adress (Scrshot 3)

i can see 0,00000000 BTC but 185.6727 XCP.

I have talked to Binance support team. But they said they could not help. How can i get back my XCP coins form BTC adress.

Best Regards,

Only send coins to the exchange deposit address for that coin type. So XCP needs to be send to Binance XCP deposit address. Now you sent them to Binance BTC address which is bad. Binance needs to send the XCP back to your original address or your Binance XCP deposit address. If they do not help you then I’m sorry the coins are lost.

If you get the XCP back then trade them at Binance for BTC.