Mobile Wallet Issue


so a couple weeks ago I downloaded a android wallet. Sent some miota from bitfinex to the wallet to test it out and it showed up within a minute which was great. Next day it showed a zero balance, then a couple days later the balance was there, now showing zero balance again. Is there any explanation for this and maybe a simple remedy to fix it? I tried generating new addresses which a few others have suggested but this has not fixed the problem. I also went through Mobile wallet video for help but did not find any help.
Quite likely a big turnoff for anyone looking into Iota, but I understand the developers are probably well aware of this issue and are hard at work(hopefully).

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

I believe you may be confusing Counterparty with IOTA… ITOA a separate cryptocurrency and is not a part of the Counterparty platform.