Missing BTC in mt Account

I lost my XCP on Poloniex I had send over some BTC to cover fees. now have decided to buy more XCP tokens but now my BTC is not showing up. Gives me concerns about using this wallet. Also I am have massive problems finding my way around this site tells me to go to toturial but where everything it tells me to do I can not find seriously.

Were you able to get your XCP from Poloniex? Did you send the BTC to your own wallet, the DEx, or to Poloniex? What wallet are you using, Counterwallet.io, Freewallet.io, or something else? If you share the address you used, we can see where the BTC and XCP are.

Did you look at the TX and see if you sent it to the right address?

The CP wallet is a BTC wallet, BTC just does not go missing.

Ryan :us: