[IMPORTANT] How To Get Support?

Counterparty is an open-source, non-profit project which relies heavily on its community. This makes the official public forum the best place to provide support for any issues encountered while using Counterparty software or protocol.

There are two types of support on the forum: Public and Private

Public Support

Instead of having a closed support system and addressing common issues privately, we will be providing support openly on the forum so that all community members can jump in and share their knowledge, or find a solution to their problem (in case it was already addressed).

Our support team will consistently monitor the forum and address all reported issues in a timely manner.

To get public support on the forum:

  • Use the Search bar to see if the same/similar issue has already been
    addressed or if there is a knowledge-base article explaining the
    solution in more detail

  • If there is already an open topic with the same/similar issue, post your question/comment there (or use the solution provided)

  • Make sure to subscribe to the topic by selecting ‘Watching’ from the picker at the bottom of the page

  • Select the appropriate subcategory (Counterwallet, Server or GUI) and type in your message

  • When creating a new topic, the notification setting will automatically be set to ‘Watching’, which means you will be notified via email as soon as someone replies (please add noreply@counterparty.io to your email contact list)

Private Support

In case you have a question for support that you do not want to ask publicly, or simply want your problem to be addressed privately, you can send a private message to the ‘Support’ group. This message will only be visible to the members of the Counterparty support team.

To send a private message to support:

  • Go to Messages and click on New Message.

  • In the ‘Add User’ field type ‘Support’ (you should see the names of the group members).

  • Enter your message and click Send.

  • As soon as a reply is posted by one of the support members you will get an email notification (please add noreply@counterparty.io to your email contact list).


this site is scamming people they take trans fees for what they never do the transactions and they never refund the trans fee .they need to be reported to the proper authorities now

Dear comeon,

I would encourage you to either stop using the Counterparty platform, or do some research so you have a basic understanding of what is going on before screaming your head off and threatening to “report” a platform.

Counterparty is an open source platform, there is no company behind it, so there is no one to “steal” your funds.

Counterparty runs on top of the bitcoin blockchain, which means that every Counterparty transaction requires a BITCOIN fee in order for the transaction to be written to a bitcoin block. This is what the BTC fees go to… to pay the Bitcoin miners for writing the transaction to a block.

There is no “refunds” on bitcoin transaction fees period… this is not a company or platform specific thing, it is how Bitcoin works… you need to pay a bitcoin miners fee to have a bitcoin transaction be written to the bitcoin blockchain.

I am replying to this post to let you know that I believe your confused, and you should do some additional research before spamming the forums with “This site is a scam, I will report to the authorities” posts… all this does is make you look silly… I have done you a favor and deleted all the “scam” posts you have posted over the past week.

FYI, If you continue to spam the forums with your posts screaming “scam”, we will be forced to disable your forum account.