MA-King looking for a developer for MAKEnTAKE ( now on bittrex waiting list )

MA-King is a company not yet officially formed, that provides logistic support in order to get off the ground we are starting projects of our own.

is our first project and we have a provisional patent for it.

this game uses social interaction to critique photos that are provided by us, in many different categories. essentially it would be gambling if there was not an essence of skill involved but because the game is predominantly skill there is no gambling laws associated with it.

we would be starting from square one with the project, UI that is functional and user friendly, the UI will include the ability to transfer XCP assets to and from the app or web app to the accounts of the users.
also needs to let the user be able to purchase the assets directly from the app JINGO is the entry fee to the game in which you can the exchange it to EEHEE or UUWUU
EEHEE is TAKING ( destroying the picture )
UUWUU is MAKING ( the picture is promoted with a like button or approval button )

there will need to be a place to view the divided categories of pictures at first there will only be a couple catogories, but will expand.

a stats page where the user can view the amount of promotions any picture is getting and demotions.

more details will be discussed and added as the project progresses any questions just ask.

advertisments will be split 50/50 between the developer and myself

we will work something out for the equity part as no one came when we really needed them to

we are on the bittrex waiting list

again any questions just ask
Welcome :slight_smile:


possibly need a business name
we need a licence

John Fox - founder

Mission Statement:
This is just the beginning of great ideas to come. It should always be fun.

Create an iOS application that is full of creativity, inspiration, and new ideas.
Achieve and aspire always to greater things.
The game should be a lot of fun and it is going to be a great way to share social media and compete with or against each other


MAKE N’ TAKE is a cryptocurrency based contest game that utilizes the social networking to share and compete in a popularity contest of self made pictures, where winning is rewarded with digital money in the form of Counterparty assets (JINGO, EEHEE, and UUWUU), similar to bitcoins.
JINGO represents neutral points in the game, the entry fee token, EEHEE is negative points and UUWUU are positive points. Each however are worth money.
JINGO is the middle and the EEHEE/UUWUU are on opposing sides of the system (like a timeline).
in order to get EEHEE you purchase it with JINGO, same goes for UUWUU (need to be bought using JINGO). it is not allowed to trade EEHEE for UUWUU or visa versa. However the exchange is always open to exchanging one or the other freely with each other though bitcoins. there are no transaction fees in this game but there are to trade on the exchange. there is no reason for this rule but to add an extra element to the game.
you are at anytime always allowed to send the JINGO or EEHEE or UUWUU or all three/ any combination to the exchange to sell for bitcoins and keep as your own money.
JINGO represents cash for creativity, and is how you pay for the entry fee of the game.
UUWUU represents a symmetrical literal shape formed by its letters, but is called MAKING, this may be bought with the entry fee.
EEHEE is the opposing entity as it is an asymmetry formed with the letters. It is called TAKING, also may bought with the entry fee.
the idea is to promote or demote the pictures that are shared.
promoting a picture is done by spending UUWUU on the “like button” or promotion button. this is to say that you have a promotion placed in the picture’s popularity.
the more a picture is promoted the more the original promoters are rewarded and the promoters under them are rewarded with decreasing percentages of JINGO. the idea is first come first serve. the sooner you promote in a popular picture the more JINGO you will make.
you are allowed to promote or demote more than once however there is 15 minute space of time between promoting or demoting on the same picture again.
Promotion of a picture gives the promoter a pay out of the next promoters promotion. this is the order of payouts 1st promoter earns 25% of all the upcoming promoter promotions, 2cnd in line gets 16% of all the upcoming promoters promotions and 3rd in line receives 12%.
and an important detail will be that you can only earn up to twice your initial promotion each time another promotes.
so the fourth promoter will earn 1% of all next promotions and each promother after that will be earning the same 1% for the next promotions, this is all the while having the first three keeping their percentages of 25%, 16% and 12%. however once the percentage reaches 100% it will start to sap from all the previous promotions to make an additional percentage for that next promoter as equal to the remains of the 1% portions that should now have become something less than 1%. in other words the same percentage is now sapped from all promoters to create the next in line’s percentage.
demoting a picture will eventually destroy it. if the number of demoters is greater than 100 and twice that of the promoters the picture is destroyed. you want to destroy pictures to win “treasure”. the treasure is half of the amount of JINGO that went into promoting a coin.
example: if you bought say 400 UUWUU with 2000 JINGO, then 500 JINGO goes into a pot if you promote all of the 400 UUWUU into a promotion of a picture. the other 1500 JINGO is divided into the percentages that the promoters promoted, again not greater than 2 times what they promoted as individuals. so promotions will always have ¼ going to the pot. for the second promoter the 25% of the promoted JINGO resulting from using UUWUU will be given to the first promoter as pay. then the 3rd in line will pay 25% to the first in line and 16% to the second, still ¼ will be put into the pot. the third will then receive a 12% of all the next promoters promoting. but the fourth promoter is going to pay the first three there 25%, 16% and 12% in addition to ¼ in the pot to earn 1% of the next promoted promotions. the fifth does the same for his or her 1% and this continues until there are 25 total initial promoters as 25%, (and ¼ in the pot), 16%, 12%, 1%, 1%, 1%… 1% for the 25th promoter. then exactly an equal percentage to the depreciated 1 percents will be made for the next promoter to earn for the next promotions made. this is to say that now the 25% is a 24.96% and the 16% now a 15.96% and the 12% a 11.96% along with all the 1% promoters having now a .96% so that the 26th promoter receives a pay out of .96% of the next promotion made. this pattern will repeat for as many times as there are promoters that promote the picture before it is destroyed, reaches 150 promotions or the life span for the picture runs out.
there is a life span of 72 hours for every picture before it expires if it is not destroyed or if it doesn’t reach 150 promotions before hand.
if there are 150 promotions and it is not destroyed the picture is saved to all the promoters score cards (a picture library and number score) that allows the promoters to keep the pictures as trophies, and a number representing rank in the social network.
if the picture is destroyed the promoters receive a score but a lesser score than if 150 promotions is achieved.
also if destroyed the demoters earn score and they now keep the destroyed card in their library as trophies. if the picture is not destroyed the demoters will only receive a score of less value than if the picture was destroyed.

Required components to MAKE N’ TAKE app:

Founding of MAKE N’ TAKE:

August 2015 JINGO was created with the purpose of being “cash for creativity”. the wording of the purpose of the coin was rearranged several times. Shortly thereafter followed EEHEE and UUWUU, UUWUU was the symmetrical shape made with its letters and the opposing force to this was EEHEE the asymmetry. the purpose of EEHEE is TAKING and the purpose of UUWUU is MAKING. these tokens were made with the app MAKE N’ TAKE in mind. this was an idea that really was inspired by nothing more than the want for something great. John E. Fox was the key source for this inspiration. over the next few months the idea was developed and by november’s end there was a clear plan in place for the rules of the app. the team was formed ahead of time and included John E. Fox, Adam and Andrew Williams, Caleb Rapoza and Shannon Goodine but additions to the team were made as they became available through other sources; Ahmed Ashraf and Kushed, were the two additions to the team.