Need help finding a qualified developer for a project I'm working on

this is John Fox
we are the MA-King company and are looking for a XCP developer to help us with our projects. right now we are just trying to get our first project off the ground but the exchange will not take the asset until the app we designed for the token is completed. Please if you know of anyone or if you are reading this and are interested in a great deal ( because i will make you one ) just let me know.
i know i already have a post in general but i really need to get things moving so I’m trying everything i can to do it.
basically the deal would look like this:
either you like the company and stick with us or you like just the project and the company will get a percentage of the profit. but either way first come first serve. eventually this project will happen, we have a patten and are not going to let down until we have achieved the goals we have set.
again if you are a developer or know of one that is looking to invest time in a project that they can call their own and is willing to stick with the company or at least stay connected please contact me right away.

what is MA-King?

sorry i have not got around to checking this in a couple of days.
MA-King is the name of the company that is yet formed officially.

i tried uploading the business plan to the reply but there was an error if you want to know more about us you can email me at

also hello and nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

hi and nice to meet you i didn’t catch your name I’ve been busy lately :slight_smile:

good news every one we think we have a programmer!!! : )

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