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I just want to create a voucher, or coupon that can be traded through the block chain. I have absolutely no programming skills so understand little. Can anybody help? I want to sell coupons at a set price, that can be bought sold or redeemed at the same value.

I would issue the coupons and sell/issue them. Only I can as administrator. How do I create wallets for this currency?

In fact how do I start?

Hi there
I had a question
I signed up in this site in 2014 but I didnt remember my user and pass but I still have my counterwallet
I just forgot how it was working
I wanted to know how can I do exchanges in it
and too are you still give us coins for our posts in this site or the plans changed ?
thanks :slight_smile:


I want to change my pass phrase. Can someone help me with that?

Kind regards

Hi Alan,

Your project sounds like an interesting idea!

Follow these steps to create your wallet and create your first CP (counterparty) coin.

    • Click on Create New Wallet
    • Write or print your passphrase down and keep it safe.
    • Login to your wallet with your passphrase
      Note: Your wallet and its matching address will be automatically created after you login.

How to create a coin / token with Counterparty

    • From " My Account Balances" dashboard, find your Bitcoin or Counterparty address.
    • Your Counterparty address should be under the green Welcome to Counterwallet message box.
    • Click on the blue drop down menu “Address Actions”, select “Create a token or asset”.

Since you have a zero balance, you’ll see this message: (buy Bitcoin and send it your Counterparty address)

Cannot do this action as you have insufficient BTC at this address. Due to Bitcoin fees, each Counterparty action requires approximately 0.0005 BTC to perform. Please deposit the necessary BTC into My Address #1 and try again.

After you’ve received your BTC, follow step #3 shown above again. The coin creation is fairly straightforward.

Good luck!

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Good to know there are threads like this to answer questions on Counterparty Wallet!

I have 52,836.24407583 COVALC in your wallet, but when I transfer out, I can only use the btc network, and other places can only accept erc20. How can I transfer out?