Log into wallet and it just shows timer bar

When i go to wallet.counterwallet and type in my password the long timer bar just shows like it is working but it never changes i cannot get into my wallet? is something blocking it? help

You might want to try counterwallet.coindaddy.io as an alternative, it runs on a faster server than counterwallet.io

I believe the long timer bar is due to indexd taking a long time to lookup your transaction history. Occasionally you might need to reload the page and try logging in a second time, at which point the indexd data is usually cached.

That was it you were right thank you for that information my friend I can get into my wallet

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Hi, I had the same issue a couple of days ago, and even now still having this issue. I already found out coindaddy is working fine, but wallet.counterwallet still haves the issue. While https://www.counterwallet.io/ is showing “the System Currently appears up”.
It is already showing the timer bar for 10 minutes now, and last time it even was showing after one hour. It was always fast in the past (I used it a week ago and worked within seconds)

I see the same login to https://wallet.counterwallet.io/ only shows waiting bar even after reload while https://counterwallet.coindaddy.io/ works.