Lighter counterparty node setup?

Not a developer so may well be a stupid question…but

theoretically, could one replace a full-fat bitcoind with something like this: when running a counterparty full node? (seems to have all the emulated API calls indexd-server needs)

another question, projects like [2] say their external index DB comes to around 20% of the filesize of bitcoin block databases on disk. Whereas the counterparty node setup instructions report a diskspace requirement almost the size of the diskspace the bitcoin databases themselves takeup. Is this because the index used in [2] is storing only a subset of the information the indexd-server does/needs to store? or could the counterparty external index be theoretically made smaller in order to lighten the HD footprint for those with more limited hardware.


I believe John started some work on a light counterparty client.

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Thank you, I was specifically interested mainly in the idea of hosting full node- sans the Bitcoin block DB (which would shave off a bunch of GB in diskspace but still retain the same properties of a full node- perhaps useful to some) but from a perspective above link is even more interesting to those wanting super light nodes

very cool, reading through it now.