Introducing Walletgenie

In Satoshi We Trust LLC (ebx and markxmayer) is proud to present Walletgenie. Walletgenie is a CLI RPC frontend to digital currency daemons written in Python and runs cross-platform. You need to be running your own Bitcoin and (optional) Counterparty node for this to benefit you. We currently support Bitcoin-Core and Counterparty-Server, but have designed the program to be modular so that more coin daemons can be added. Feel free to contribute a plugin for your favorite coin.

Walletgenie has ShapeShift integrated, so you can ShapeShift Bitcoin and supported Counterparty assets directly from the wallet. Our goal is to support most if not all of the ShapeShift supported assets.

As the first paragraph above say, it’s a Python-based CLI front-end which makes it easier to use a Counterparty server (and other cryptocurrency servers, as additional plugins can be created).

More (including currently available features) at

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