Improving Programming Skills && Contributing on Github

I’m a non-professional programmer but I’m determined to improve my skills.

To kill two birds with one stone, I may make some cosmetic improvements to Counterwallet. E.g. remove inner scrollbars and add some columns to tables.

Just wonder - what would be the best approach? Which IDE do you recommend for JavaScript? How can I view changes I make to Counterwallet locally? On which Github branch should I submit changes?

  • Install Federated Node (Countewallet “mode”) on testnet
  • Edit files in counterwallet directory (see the docs)
  • You fork CW and you can create a pull request to develop once you’re done

Ok, I’ll put it in the backburner for now but if I get the time I’ll try to get 'em up running.

Meanwhile I’ll be working on a simple broadcast service.

60 sec video on how to make changes and view them:

Edit: if you change JavaScript content, sudo bash -c 'grunt build --force' xcpd should be used on Federated Node to rebuild content in the CW’s build subdirectory.