Federated Node 1.1.0 and Bitcoin Core Addrindex 0.10.0 (final)

As you may have noticed, Bitcoin Core has been released.

Since yesterday, Federated Node build script installs binaries of a patched Bitcoin Core (with addrindex) 0.10.0.
If you have Federated Node 1.1.0 (with counterparty-lib 9.49.4) that you already installed and that runs a patched Bitcoin Core addrindex 0.10.0-rc2, you can either rebuild it, or attempt to just replace bitcoin binaries (i.e. move from 0.10.0-rc to 0.10.0 (final)).

The second approach may be fine for development workstations. Here’s how to do it: first stop all Federated Node services (or just bitcoin and bitcoin-testnet) and then replace the binaries with a newer version.

wget https://github.com/btcdrak/bitcoin/releases/download/addrindex-0.10.0/bitcoin-addrindex-0.10.0-linux64.tar.gz
sudo apt-get -y remove bitcoin.addrindex bitcoin-addrindex-0.10 # in case you have it installed in RPM format
mv bitcoin-addrindex-0.10.0-linux64.tar.gz /tmp/
sudo tar -C /tmp --no-overwrite-dir -zxvf /tmp/bitcoin-addrindex-0.10.0-linux64.tar.gz
sudo install -C --backup=off -m 755 -o root -g root /tmp/bitcoin-0.10.0/bin/* /usr/local/bin/

You should not need to link these to /usr/bin, but in case you need to:
ln -sf /usr/local/bin/bitcoind /usr/bin/bitcoind && ln -sf /usr/local/bin/bitcoin-cli /usr/bin/bitcoin-cli

To verify:

$ bitcoind --version
Bitcoin Core Daemon version addrindex-0.10.0
Copyright © 2009-2015 The Bitcoin Core Developers

Now you can remove temporary files from /tmp that you don’t need any more.