[IDEA EXPLORATION] Website where all sellers get a distribution of total sales

Hi there, been following the counterparty project for some time. Excited to see it come to life with Adam B Levine’s LTBcoin.

I run a crypto only website called 51attack.com. I have sold more than 200 tshirts since 12/31/2013 for only cryptos and have not touched fiat. The site was an experiment to run a crypto only business. I launched the site, found a tshirt printer whom would accepts bitcoin and he takes care of my fulfillment. Because of the site I have met people from around the world… its been truly an amazing experience.

I have had an idea plaguing me ever since I learned about counterpary through Adam. I am not a coder, I do have enough code theory knowledge to navigate around the crypto space… just dont expect me to build anything. I can market and design. :slight_smile:

Here goes…

There are some community marketplaces, like etsy, threadless, zazzle.com even ebay… where many sellers place their products draw people to the site for what they are selling, sell their product and give a cut to the marketplace. My ideas is that the marketplace should give a cut to the sellers for bringing in a customer. Lets take a currated site like threadless and break it down.

Example threadless model.
[li]A designer submits a design[/li]
[li]The community votes on their favorite design[/li]
[li]The winning design is then sold.[/li]
[li]Threadless pays the one designer a fee for his work.[/li]
[li]Threadless takes the biggest cut.[/li]
[/list]Basically work for hire.

Here is my proposed model for 51attack.com[list]
[li]Same approach as above 1-3[/li]
[li]The winning design attracts people to the site and may result in other shirts being sold as well as the overall success of the site.[/li]
[li]My proposition: The revenue of the shirt is split 3 ways, (do not know the %)[/li]
[/list]Here is the theoretical split
[li]1/2 of the revenue goes to the site. The site has to print the shirts, host the site, pay expenses.[/li]
[li]1/4 goes to the artist work who got sold. [/li]
[li]1/4 goes to a community pool.[/li]
[/list]The distribution model[list]
[li]At the end of each month. Depending on the total sold or revenue. Each artist whom has a selling/sold item for that month gets a cut of the community pool based on their performance.[/li]
[li]These would not be shares, I guess they could be considered a commission.[/li]
[li]The site would probably have to take a 1099 from each artist seller.[/li]
[/list]Some other ideas for this concept.[list]
[li]Being that my site is called 51attack.com, to further expand on the crypto idea. I was thinking that there could be design crews or in the world of mining “designing pools” made up of a group of artist submitting work.[/li]
[li]The designing pools would compete to try to 51 attack the total community pool of funds. Which ever pool has more than 51% of the revenue/goal, they get a special bonus reward.[/li]
[/list]I believe these ideas could be done with counterparty.What other ideas could I do for the site? Really want to do something interesting.

Considering that every marketplace is as good as the people whom contribute, those who contribute should be compensated for the success they generate overall.[size=0.7em]. :slight_smile:


[size=0.7em]One of my shirts…

[/size][color=red][size=1.35em]Thoughts? What do you think about this idea?[/size][/color]

Great idea!

Here’s a slightly different approach…

What if 51attack issued a profit-sharing asset, let’s call it TSHIRT.  This asset could be given to artists as payment for their work.  It could also be redeemed for merchandise at 51attack. 

You would need a distribution method for customers to obtain TSHIRT (maybe a vending machine model like vennd.io or give a small amount to customers with each order).  Every month, you pay out a set portion of profits (25%) to all holders of TSHIRT. 

This could be broken down further to reward successful artists by having a preferred asset, TSHIRTGOLD.  This asset would be rewarded to artists whose total shirts sold hits a specific threshold (much like the way a song or album goes gold).  TSHIRTGOLD would have its own percentage of profits (25%) and would have a much lower number issued so the total profit per asset would be much greater.

Some of the big challenges here are initial distribution and setting an initial exchange rate.  It would definitely be an interesting experiment.