I sent BTC/XCP/TOKEN a while ago, but the transaction hasn’t gone through - why?

I have a problem : 17/05 funds sent from the address 19AkTxwfRUuEd6tF5njuq7HkXrtaXDtvDY
about 280 XCP in the other BTC addresses
Commission also paid but the money never reached … why?
Possibly fix it? please help.
Thank you.
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Oleg Tereshkun

I don’t see the problem from your description of it…

The second address appears to have received XCP https://blockscan.com/address?q=1GQ6VuMMHujhi3apwDaER79fXwApjJMk4b received 289.710107 XCP at UTC 2016-05-17 19:38:54

First address you suggest sent from has then 0 XCP https://blockscan.com/address?q=19AkTxwfRUuEd6tF5njuq7HkXrtaXDtvDY

User error: replace user? ;p

Thanks for the quick reply, I made a mistake
19AkTxwfRUuEd6tF5njuq7HkXrtaXDtvDY - address counterwallet … second address - BTC wallet (((
possible refund or cancel the transaction?

If you want to send XCP from 1GQ6VuMMHujhi3apwDaER79fXwApjJMk4b then that address will need a trivial amount of BTC, so that you can make the BTC transaction that stores the CounterParty transaction as data. CounterParty is on BTC blockchain, so you cannot just send CounterParty or CounterParty assets without sending the nominal amount of BTC. The other address 19AkTxwfRUuEd6tF5njuq7HkXrtaXDtvDY has a trivial amount of BTC, which is why it could send the transaction we see to that transaction above of XCP and other transactions.

If someone could refund or cancel a transaction, bitcoin would be worthless: I sell you 1 BTC for $200, you give me $200 while I send you 1 BTC. Then later I cancel the transaction.

In order to get the XCP back you need to control/own the address to which you sent it. That means to have a private key of the “second” address.

Example how-to’s:


I think the problem is that the wallet with 1GQ6VuMMHujhi3apwDaER79fXwApjJMk4b is not Counterparty aware. It does not display the XCP - yet the XCP there all safe.

Since your wallet is not Counterparty aware, you must export the private key to send the XCP. Counterwallet has a sweep address function for this.

Edit: Sorry, I see Something all ready explained this above.


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Sorry … at the moment I do not have money … tell you later
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… And ask … I do not have the private key of the second address … this is not a local wallet…then it is not possible?

Unfortunately it’s not possible if you’re not in possession of the private key.
Of course if anyone could “do something about” some bitcoin address that’s not theirs, it’d be crazy.
If the address is at an exchange, you can write to their Support and they may be to help although they would have to run through special and troublesome internal procedures and it may take a while, but at least theoretically it’s possible.
They could sweep the token with the private key of their address and send it to the right address at their exchange (or back to you). It’s quite an effort for someone to do that at crypto exchange (since the person who would help you would have to get the private key of the hot wallet for the exchange) and if their rules may prevent them from entering the private key into any 3rd party software (but that’s required if you want to extract Counterparty tokens from a Bitcoin address) so … yes, it’s a lot of trouble.

so I figured it out yet with your notice…
I will try …