How to use Counterparty dispenser and sell tokens for Bitcoin

Hi Im completely new to Counterparty and would be grateful for some help understanding how the dispenser works.
I have a created a new Counterparty wallet. I have Bitcoin XCP and DOLLARCASH in the same wallet address.
I created a dispenser with DOLLARCASH which is now showing in my wallet and is highlighted so seems active but I cant find anywhere to see where its being sold.
Also is there any other way/place of selling as I have other counterparty asset tokens which I want to redeem eg my DOLLARCASH tokens, their Bitcoin value is $2.973 now and Id like to sell them.

You can view all the information about this token here:


As for creating Dispensers using , you can review this tutorial:

Since DOLLARCASH is an XCP Asset, it can be traded against any other Counterparty Token including XCP.

To learn more about using the Counterparty Decentralized Exchange (DEx) and how to list pairs that have no orders up yet, please review this tutorial for use with :