How to sweep tokens from mycelium btc address back to counterwallet

I tried to send SJCX to my btc address, but didn’t realize I had to convert them first. I used mycelium, is there a way to get the private key and sweep the tokens back to my counterwallet address? thanks for your help to recover my tokens!

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If you can get the private key from Mycelium you can sweep SJCX from it using Counterwallet (see in the FAQs about sweeping from Countewallet).
You’ll need approx 0.00056 BTC at that address to fund the transaction (send induced by sweep).

But you need to get the key from Mycelium on your own.

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thanks! I downloaded Wallet32 to get the private key, since both mycelium and wallet32 are BIP44 compliant. I could not derive the private key from mycelium, so i had to look for other wallets with this ability.

Now that I have the SJCX back, if I want to ultimately convert them back to bitcoin, do I have to send them to the btc address generated by counterwallet? Last time I sent it to an external btc address, basically I am unsure how to convert the value of these tokens into btc.

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Okay so once SJCX are swept into Counterwallet, you can sell them using any of these ways:

  • Send them to Poloniex (to your SJCX funding address, not to BTC or some other!) and sell them there, then withdraw the BTC to anywhere (note that withdrawing from Polo is slower than one might imagine; can take couple of hours, say 6, due to their internal security procedures)
  • Send them to Shapeshift and designate any address (CW or other such as Wallet32) as destination address for BTC
  • Sell them on the Counterparty Distributed Exchange (available directly from Counterwallet); however this may take longer if you don’t see existing orders to by SJCX for BTC right away and also you may get a lower price than on Poloniex, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you know what you’re doing). The main advantage of the DEx in this case is it’s trustless and can spare you some sending around.
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Thanks, you have been so helpful! Yes, the SJCX are back in counterwallet. Sorry but I think I have a final question: how do I send them to shapeshift? With btc, I can use a wallet to scan the QR code when asked for the deposit. But in counterwallet, how can I send anything to shapeshift? And shapeshift asks for the storjx refund address, I have no idea what to put in that either, is that info retrievable from my counterwallet? Any pointers will be appreciated.

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  • Go to Polo, to check the rate
  • Go to their Web site, enter the amount of BTC you want to receive and Your Payment Address (you could also enter Return Address (optional) to the left, I guess that’s in case their upstream exchange is down or something).
  • Your Payment Address is where you want to send the BTC (can be the same address in Counterwallet where you have SJCX, or any other address in any Bitcoin wallet)
  • Return Address is I think in case they can’t process the transaction (presumably you’d want to send SJCX back to the same Counterwallet address from which you’ll send them)

I think there’s an option to not use QR code - they do show an address where you’re supposed to send SJCX, but in case they don’t (I can’t tell right now because their Web site is experiencing problems at this very moment - you can’t get past that green Start button) you can use a bit of trickery: get a phone (with BTC wallet that can read QR code), read the address, copy and email it to your Gmail or other account. Then send the exact amount to that address from Counterwallet.

If you’re not sure this is how it works, try a smaller amount first - you’ll spend not more than 0.0002 BTC more for another transaction, but you can avoid making a mistake.

You could also use Indiesquare Wallet (iPhone/Android) to login using your Counterwallet pass phrase and do it all from there. But since at this very moment Shapeshift seems to be not working, you might as well try Polo.

Thanks again, shapeshift asks for Storjx refund address, and its mandatory for the transaction, this is the part I don’t understand. Is it the same address as my counterwallet address, which appears to be a bitcoin address? I am using the shapeshift new address on the top. I tried indisquare, but it gives an error whenever I type or paste my passphrase.

I said what I think that is:

You can try a small 10 SJCX transaction first, or check with their support, if you think that’s not what I think it is.

Thanks again. Their support said essentially that counterwallet is too slow, that the transaction doesn’t get through within the 10 minute window. I tried it three times, losing funds every time. Funds were never sent back either, it just goes to the third party btc address they provide. It’s unfortunate that counterwallet transactions have these limitations, I hope there’s an upgrade in the works.

Sorry about that.

Yes there’s an effort aimed at improving the performance, but even now transactions shouldn’t be slow I think, they happen at the speed of Bitcoin; an issue that was noticed is sometimes counterparty-server sometimes requires a lot of resources. It could be that problems they mentioned are related to difficulties at the processing partner. I’ll see with the devs if they can find more about this and come up with a solution.