How to claim XCP?

I have burned btc in 2014 and just back, how could I get the XCP? I have my btc private key.
Does any one have latest turotial?


Many thanks.

I have WIF format - 52 character, base58 private keys. Start with a ‘K’
I go through import funds–> from another address, input the private Key and then click sweep.
And nothing happened. Click sweep not work, click cancel can back to previous page.

Please support, thanks.

Sweep sometimes times out or otherwise misbehaves…As the bottom of that page says, sometimes it helps to retry and just let it hang for a while.

You can try another way, for example try CoinDaddy’s Counterwallet instance, if the sweep is slow due to slow hardware ( maybe CoinDaddy’s wallet will work.

The worst case is you can install Bitcoin Core 0.12.1 addrindex, let it download the blockcain (100 GB or so), install counterparty-server (500 MB download of the database) and then use counterparty-cli to send the tokens to any address you want.

You can also compose the Counterparty “send” transaction manually and sign it, and broadcast it from any Web site or paste it here and someone can broadcast it for you. For this you don’t need to download the addinrdex version of the blockchain, you can use a public Counterparty API server (such as CoinDaddy’s and then you need a bitcoin signing tool to sign the raw transaction…

CoinDaddy’s also did not work…
I will try sweep again tomorrow.


From the example on that page it’s easy to compose a raw transaction, just change the source to your address, keep the asset as XCP and the set the quantity to the amount of XCP that address has (which can be checked in a Counterparty explorer).

The entire workflow is described in here (How to create a send transaction on Counterparty?).

The only gotcha is you need to have some amount of BTC at that address (to pay the bitcoin miners for the transaction). 0.0001 BTCC should be enough (0.0002/kB is the default fee per KB and your transaction will probably be around 450 bytes). So send some BTC to that address first.
You can sweep any leftover BTC from that address later using standard BTC tools, as there would be no XCP at the address you could sweep the BTC down to 0.

I have tried many time with counterwallet and daddy, still it does not work…
Now I have bitcoin core wallet with full block chain ready. But I do not know anything about coding, so how to compose the send transaction? Anyone could help here?
Many thanks

source: ??? what’s it? My bitcoin address?
destination: 19w9LciXjWi1Cch7pdXdrezWZ8x4wgpVVB this is my counterwallet address
asset: XCP??
quantity: XXX

I provided the link to a how-to in the comment just above your question

I have read the link above, and do not understand anything… That’s beyond my capacity, Is there any easy way?


  • Source is your external address for which you have the private key - I put 1ABCDE in there. We can’t know what it is, but you can. It’s most likely the address from which you sent BTC to the counterparty burn address (XCP was automatically sent back to addresses that sent in BTC).
  • Destination is the first address you see in your Counterwallet when you log in. Replace my address with your own.

  • Asset is XCP because that’s what you’re sending
  • Quantity is the amount of XCP you have which you can check by entering the Source address in, for example. Replace 123456 with your amount.
  "method": "create_send",
  "params": {"source": "1ABCD", "destination": "16RZFZTAHq5nJxqPaqSFWTJDGyumGTMcyV", "asset": "XCP", "quantity": 123456},
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": 1

If you can provide correct info I’ll give you the transaction which you then can sign and broadcast.

Note that you must have at least 0.00001 BTC at the Source address because it’s required for bitcoin transaction fee, so you need to ensure that before I create the transaction for you.

“method”: “create_send”,
“params”: {“source”: “1AbgbDkm3TD3prVWKxu8DcxvAN6zttpQMA”, “destination”: “19w9LciXjWi1Cch7pdXdrezWZ8x4wgpVVB”, “asset”: “XCP”, “quantity”: 535.72727273},
“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“id”: 1

My BTC address has some btc. Please create the transaction for me.
Thanks a million.

Okay, so the input is like this (divisible assets are quoted in 100 million units, so no 535…):

"method": "create_send",
"params": {
"source": "1AbgbDkm3TD3prVWKxu8DcxvAN6zttpQMA", 
"destination": "19w9LciXjWi1Cch7pdXdrezWZ8x4wgpVVB",
"asset": "XCP", 
"quantity": 53572727273},
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"id": 1

And response from the server:

  "result": "010000000150ce87d4185ff038742abe9589196a7e57f11775767783cdf00a3631f5ac525b000000001976a914694852a4688bdfcd7173ffde09feb2e2d3a77bec88acffffffff0336150000000000001976a91461fe6db7f9473079e34070454f8e3e7c26b8ed2e88ac00000000000000001e6a1cc4df1c2f25a347a5096a55807be4b746cf2bf93f81821e1cba8770d905890e00000000001976a914694852a4688bdfcd7173ffde09feb2e2d3a77bec88ac00000000",
  "id": 1,
  "jsonrpc": "2.0"

Now in Bitcoin debug console or CLI run the two commands as per that how-to linked above:

  • signrawtransaction (use the result string from above)
  • sendrawtransaction (use the output from signrawtransaction)

I recommend you to the whole process by yourself (I’ll shortly post a Windows how-to) or at least when you sign the transaction and before you send it, paste the signed transaction into to make sure the “in” and “out” addresses are correct.

Edit: see How to use curl to access the Counterparty API from Windows

I’m using bitcoin core, first import the private key, and then sign, result as below, any problem?

signrawtransaction 010000000150ce87d4185ff038742abe9589196a7e57f11775767783cdf00a3631f5ac525b000000001976a914694852a4688bdfcd7173ffde09feb2e2d3a77bec88acffffffff0336150000000000001976a91461fe6db7f9473079e34070454f8e3e7c26b8ed2e88ac00000000000000001e6a1cc4df1c2f25a347a5096a55807be4b746cf2bf93f81821e1cba8770d905890e00000000001976a914694852a4688bdfcd7173ffde09feb2e2d3a77bec88ac00000000

“hex”: “010000000150ce87d4185ff038742abe9589196a7e57f11775767783cdf00a3631f5ac525b000000001976a914694852a4688bdfcd7173ffde09feb2e2d3a77bec88acffffffff0336150000000000001976a91461fe6db7f9473079e34070454f8e3e7c26b8ed2e88ac00000000000000001e6a1cc4df1c2f25a347a5096a55807be4b746cf2bf93f81821e1cba8770d905890e00000000001976a914694852a4688bdfcd7173ffde09feb2e2d3a77bec88ac00000000”,
“complete”: false,
“errors”: [
“txid”: “5b52acf531360af0cd8377767517f1577e6a198995be2a7438f05f18d487ce50”,
“vout”: 0,
“scriptSig”: “76a914694852a4688bdfcd7173ffde09feb2e2d3a77bec88ac”,
“sequence”: 4294967295,
“error”: “Input not found or already spent”

Have you rescanned the blockchain since you imported the address?
What does Bitcoin Core say when you ask it to review the address’es (1AbgbDkm3TD3prVWKxu8DcxvAN6zttpQMA) unspent balances?

It can’t fetch the inputs properly, so maybe you didn’t rescan.

Does XCP takes transaction fee? so we should lower the XCP Qty?
Would below help?
“method”: “create_send”,
“params”: {
“source”: “1AbgbDkm3TD3prVWKxu8DcxvAN6zttpQMA”,
“destination”: “19w9LciXjWi1Cch7pdXdrezWZ8x4wgpVVB”,
“asset”: “XCP”,
“quantity”: 53572700000},
“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“id”: 1

The problem is not the fee, but the inputs from your 1A… address as I mentioned above (and the Bitcoin error tells you that).

The decode Tx link can show you the details of the signed transaction that you created.

The Bitcoin Core’s listunspent command tells you whether the address can see its unspent balances.

It seems the private key I got from has some problem (WIF format)
I will contact first.

You can find on the forum about their formats, there are 2 articles in FAQs, but you can also contact them or read their online help.
What you want to do is to convert their format into the format acceptable to Bitcoin Core WIF format.

I already got the WIF format as they said.
blockchaininfo said 1AbgbDkm3TD3prVWKxu8DcxvAN6zttpQMA private key in WIF format is XXXXXX
After I imported it into bitcoin core, it showed up another address (not 1AbgbDkm3TD3prVWKxu8DcxvAN6zttpQMA)with zero balance. The private key I export from blockchaininfo should have balance and the address is 1AbgbDkm3TD3prVWKxu8DcxvAN6zttpQMA.

I contacted blockchaininfo to see any issue.