Cancelled Completed order


As you can see i sold my NVST for XCP successfully and then tried to sell my XCP for BTC. I matched a buy order and after half an hour it got completed but still indicated that the transaction could be canceled on my open orders. I thought it was a bug but i guess it wasn’t and now i’m stuck in limbo with neither XCP or BTC in my account.

Any suggestions?


@Support any ideas?

Basically… using BTC on the DEX is a pain and requires the buyer to perform an additional BTCpay action once a BTC order is matched.

It looks like what happened is
1.) You listed some XCP for sale for BTC
2.) Your order matched with someone else who was looking to buy XCP with BTC
3.) The XCP buyer needed to make an additional BTCPay transaction to actually pay for the order
4.) The XCP buyer failed to make a BTCpay transaction
5.) You clicked the cancel button to cancel your order

Going forward, I would avoid using BTC on the DEX as most likely your going to continue to have issues like these with matched orders expiring, etc.

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