How long BTC from my wallet send another wallet?

How long BTC from my wallet send another wallet?

Depends on transaction fee can take several days.

How can I speed up my payment? He has not been confirmed for more than 24 hours.
My wallet 1Bv3zscpDVay2DKihVPSMoyLUsc3MYkevY transfer to has been to 1CFrCPzwY1KNXnaCnxXEAnSAL4bi4S9QMz

This is your transaction with fee 0.00014btc = 62sat/byte

You could create another transaction with higher fee which will supersede this one. But it cannot be done inside counterwallet but needs some manual console commands.

Hi, If I do not create another transaction, how much should I wait for the transaction confirmation?

It can take up to one week. And you can check the link if it shows expired.

And if the link has expired, then what does it mean? money back to the wallet from which they were sent to another wallet?

Yes then coins are back as if never send.

You say that the entire process, from the beginning of the transfer of the BTC to another wallet, will take no more than 7 days? After that, in case they are not transferred, they will return to my first wallet. Did I understand you correctly?

A bitcoin transaction on the network by design can only be confirmed or expire after one week. Confirm means send successful, expire means send failed and coins are back.

Thanks for the consultation. Very grateful