[HOT] Reclaim ALL your Counterparty Unspent Outputs aka $$$$!

  Mastercoin & Counterparty developer dexX7 created a simple website which allows to lookup any unspent output from every address:

Furthermore a raw transaction can be created which collects and combines unspent outputs whereby outputs from multiple addresses can be used.

The most important feature: standard multi signature outputs are included and it’s very easy to redeem Mastercoin or Counterparty dust.
Please note: this is experimental and feedback is appreciated.

I would like to verify that I used this system and recovered about 0.19173119 BTC courtesy Master Bitcoin Dev dexX7 for which I will be using to buy more XCP.
Proof here: https://blockchain.info/tx/720fb4d10efe0837da761a4ec8e182a29cde6bdd91b8cca8b35ce027b42dd697

Thank you for a great service dexX7
Everyone who uses Counterparty should use this to get their unspent outputs.

BitcoinTangibleTrust Team

This is pretty nifty - would be nice to have a counterpartyd client command as well.