[Help] How to listen CounterParty Txs

I have a list of my addresses. I wanna listen all of any new their CP token transaction.

With BTC tx, i can do it with a help from https://www.blockcypher.com/dev/bitcoin/#using-webhooks

Register a webhook for my wallet. Then blockcypher will call us when they find out a new my addresses tx.
But they can not detect CP token txs so i need a another solution.

Does anyone have any idea ?!

I decide to use cronjob and run 1 time per minute then call get_chain_address_info method to fetch data, is this possible ?!


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The Xchain API may be of some use to you… it allows you to specify an address and get a list of recent transactions.



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Thanks @jdogresorg. i had another solution. i retrieve data from get_blocks method