Forgot passphrase but can login with quick URL

I log in to wallet with quick URL and password. All fine. Now problem is how get passphrase? I want it back for using with Indie Square.

I don’t think you can recover it (we had this question here - Forgotten login details).

  • If you know 10 or 11 words, it’s possible to recover the pass phrase (12 words)
  • If you don’t know 10 or 11 words, then you can create another wallet (either in Indie Square or on Counterwallet) and use that one. In this case I would also suggest you send your assets from the current wallet to the new wallet (unless you want to have 2 wallets). (In order to send stuff out from an address, a small amount of Bitcoin (0.0002) is required for bitcoin transaction fees).
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I realize this is an old thread, but I found a solution to the problem. I ended up looking through the source code for CounterParty to see how the 12 Word Passphrase relates to the Quick Access URL and Password. I found out that the Parameter at the end of the Quick Access URL (#cp=) is the result of AES (256?) encrypting the 12 Word Passphrase using the Quick Access Password.

The simple way to recover the 12 Word Passphrase is to go to the Quick Access URL and enter the password. Before pressing the Open Wallet Button, try entering this into the console:

CWBitcore.decrypt(LOGON_VIEW_MODEL.cryptedPassphrase(), LOGON_VIEW_MODEL.passwordDecrypt());

This should output the 12 Word Passphrase into the Browser Console.

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