For unnamed tokens, what is the API call to get the meta data on them

And how would I say, encode the ‘name’ of my asset in the meta data so that my wallet would be able to name this unnamed asset?

Do you mean for alphanumeric tokens?

You’d have to have your own DB and synchronize it between wallets (or users, if you hope that more than one sees the same “alias”).
That’s not always easy, of course. I don’t know how you would like to use this, but one (simple) case would be the wallet could send the alias to the server similar to the way those bookmark sync for Web browsers works.
For sharing among more wallets, you could just create a mapping ( aphanumeric-token-name <=> alias) using a key-value datastore when you want to create a token. But note that a faster client (who watches transaction broadcasts) could create this alias faster than the client who created it, so maybe you’d need some extra security measures, such as to broadcast the alias using CP protocol at the same time, etc.

you can use a service like one of these:


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Good point - why reinvent the wheel!