FoldingCoin Wallet

I have foldingcoins on poloniex. I heard that I can store foldingcoins in counterparty. I have a counterparty account. My question is I have only address for bitcoin. How can I open a wallet for foldingcoin? Thanks.

I have already create a counter wallet, so how to create a wallet for foldingcoin, currently, I have only bitcion wallet available.

In counterwallet you can store all assets based on counterparty which includes foldingcoin. So your counterwallet address for bitcoin can also be used for foldingcoin.

But you can also create another address inside your counterwallet in parallel to the bitcoin address. Just login to counterwallet and click “Create New Address”. But it is not necessary.

On the other hand on market sites like poloniex where you exchange coins, each coin type has its own address. So you must not send foldingcoins from counterwallet to poloniex bitcoin address but only to poloniex foldingcoin address.

After sending my coins to counterwallet, i need to convert my foldingcoins to bitcoin before sending any other wallet? Btw can I trade between foldingcoin and bitcoin? Because I couldnt find that option at your exchange service.

What happens if I send my foldcoins from my counterparty to poloniex? Will I lose all of my money?

You can send your foldingcoins to other counterwallets but not a bitcoin wallet directly.

In counterwallet exchange you can only trade between counterwallet assets like foldingcoin and XCP.
For exchange to bitcoins you need to send foldingcoins back to poloniex.

When you send your foldingcoins back to poloniex it is important to use the poloniex deposit address for foldingcoin only.

Yesterday I tried to send a foldingcoins to my default counterwallet bitcion address, but it failed. After 10 hours, It is still pending.

Are you sure that I can send foldingcoins to my btc wallet in

Yes I’m sure :slight_smile: There is only one counterwallet. It can hold BitCoins or foldincoins or any counterparty asset. You sent foldingcoins from poloniex to counterwallet. Currently these transactions take some time (also back from counterwallet to poloniex). People are waiting some days until transactions got finished.