Financial statement of fall 2016 MA-King

August 31st, 2016
Financial statement.

according to there are 2.5mil people around the world that currently own BTC at this time. And based on the statistics of the Blockscan website it might be safe to say there is 1 thousandth of the amount of people using counterparty, this would be that there are an estimated 1000, to 2000 users of Counterparty. This is important to us for at the moment we are in search of a developer looking for a now full time position. This developer needs to be pretty well versed in the counterparty technology. This will make for a much less painful process in working mainly with the counterparty assets and then expanding eventually to further the business into coins such as NXT.

At the moment As the founder it is essential that the business provides for daily living to all those working within it. So 1500$ a month is set aside for each of the businesses employees Until the business is creating enough to support itself we will not know what percentages go where in terms of work load, value of work and getting in on the ground floor but we can assure that the company is taking all these into consideration when looking at what needs to be done to make the business work and be a fair and just way of measure to those who work for it.

The business is mainly hinging upon a developer at the moment. so this will be the highest paid position in the company. and depending on the work ethic of this developer we shall then see where the road or journey will take us. there will be an interviewing process for those interested in this position, but mainly is a first come first serve. we need the developer because most of the projects that will be over seen by the company will rely on the ability to program or help those get set up with there projects.

currently there is no income for the company other than my personal out of pocket money which has funded the company thus far. Websites for projects, logos, copyrights, patents and legal advise have all come straight out of pocket so far. It wont take much to get this going in terms of the cost and money coming in, Bittrex just sent this email today.

Bill (Bittrex)
Aug 31, 00:01 PDT


Please invest in your app and let us know when its done.


and we have also tried catching polo’s interest in the first project MAKEN’TAKE. if we can get the app programmed with the help of the full time developer we will also have EOBOT who has offered us a position for two hundred a month on the mining website as one of the mineable coins.

This aside we have several things to further consider but we need the catalyst for the reaction and everything else will fall into place. We have an advertiser, my ( John E. Fox ) brother Caleb Rapoza is an up and coming instagram giant with more than 10000 followers. we have a web developer who has been great to us to the company thus far and been very patient with the whole process. and we might have a blogger if everything goes to plan.

So what is the plan.

This financial report is step one in catching the interest of the 1000, to 2000 counterparty users of which we need maybe the 100 developers involved here to see us as a real entity of potential inertia. If we have a developer we will also be talking again to Robert hoping for the podcast that was also previously offered to us, that being step two; getting the word out to an extended audience of more bitcoin relations than just counterparty. We will then be ready to proceed with the details, The official forming of the company though legal zoom and again a 6 months of legal advice, after this we will move to the next project then the next and the next continually supporting, funding and generating the ideas for the counterparty network.

we have ideas waiting in the wings but need help if you are reading this and are the developer we are looking for please contact us right away at

below is the previous financial statement.


this is an idea the world has not seen before, play and get payed. If successful the amount of money that comes in to the MA-King Business will be astronomical so it is not doing any justice to the matter by guessing numbers. We do know that there are at least 400,000 accounts on one of the Bitcoin mining websites. If the idea catches on there is a lot more than 400,000 potential customers in this market on the web.
we have been working on getting this business going for over a year now and have waited a while (a vacation as we called it) for the halving of bitcoin to pass so we could continue. we are now continuing to form the business. as soon as funds are available to form the LLC, MA-King. which i thought the business plan was already up here but i will add it today because i don’t see it up. Now that bitcoin has halved we are anticipating funding within the next 3 months for the business. we already have been offered a spot on EOBOT if that spot is still open we will take that opportunity. aside from this we have been also trying to get the XCP coins in to the exchanges but are currently only tradable in the Counterparty wallets. this is not bad but could be better and are expecting with the completion of the app’s programming that the exchanges will look at accepting the coins.
the financial piece of this is mainly being funded by the owner (me) and has been not very expensive thus far. The app as explained above is one of the projects of the company as explained below. The program needs to be completed but we have a UI and is ready to hopefully be programmed using Xcode. The programmer that we choose will be equal owner of the app thus all profits derived directly from sales of the app will be included 50/50 between the company and the programmer/programmers. this includes advertisements within the app, and the price it costs to download onto the phone. this will not include the coins them selfs although we are generous and will work something out if the coins become valuable. we expect that upon completion of the app and promotion of the app that the company will start making a good amount of revenue, based on strictly sales of the app and the coins within it. right now there is no set in stone benchmarks other than to have this company up and running soon (as in a month from now) and even this is just an outline at the moment.

If you are interested in this app read the business plan below for MA-King