How long does exchange take

Exchanged BTC for XCP 16 hours ago and nothing. public address is 1NWiMAWbqCmyrsCET2ZvqeFbE7itevR4H4

If you use webwallet then BTC to other exchange is not supported except you send a manual btcpay transaction command. If you use the paid version then it is supported there.

Looks like your public address shows 3 orders which are still open and will expire after some days.

I exchange btc for xcp at other Exchanges like Bittrex or Poloniex.

the end goal is to exchange xcp for troptions so i assume i can get xcp elsewhere then exchange xcp here for troptions?

Yes, exchange xcp elsewhere and send to counterwallet. But you still need some btc for transaction fees at counterwallet 0.00001 btc/kb for each order/transaction should be enough.

If your still interested I would love to exchange some for xcp or btc.