Exchange Folding Coin to XCP

I wondered if i can exchange FLDC FOLDINGCOIN to XCP ? and, also I wondered why FLDC has a lock on it ? also i wonder about mining FLDC but, wanted to receive another type of token, I wish to receive BCY/BitCrystals for rewards of mining Folding coin. Is this possible ? I went to the page here, FoldingCoin Announces Merged-folding as a New Token Distribution Method , then here
to read the list of ALT coins I can recieve for FOLDING but page is in error
Regards TyDomus

Lock: means no more can be issued. Locked supply.

Exchange: you can use Counterwallet or other wallet that can interface with the Counterparty Distributed Exchange (DEx). There whatever people denominate stuff in, can be traded. If someone sells XCP for FoldingCoin, you can buy FoldingCoin for XCP, and so on. You can use Counterwallet or to see what’s being sold and bought on the DEx at the moment,

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