Error 502 bad gateway

I downloaded the INDIESQUARE wallet on my new device and entered the passphrase fine. I receive an ERROR 502 BAD GATEWAY message. The details are all correct however the tokens and the history are missing. I went to to enter the passphrase to check the wallet and it says my words are incorrect and they are correct. What is the website that supports Indiesquare wallet? I know the passphrase is correct I have a print out. Help Please.

Do you have spaces b/w your words and no upper case?

Your passphrase will just not work.

Hi Ryan, yes there was spaces between words and no caps used.

was i using the correct website to check the phrase?

why if I can access the wallet on a mobile device does the tokens and history not show?

what does error 502 bad gateway mean?

does anyone know?

I hope you’re using the right website. will direct you to cp official wallet.