Asset Enhancement Service

I have upgraded the “Asset Enhancement Service”

I do not know where to set the “json URL”.


You could check some existing user, e.g.

I think your JSON would be<YOUR-ASSET>.json

@jdogresorg am I right?

If you “purchased” the asset enhancement service from, then your asset DESCRIPTION needs to be updated to point to ‘

When someone activates the service, a page comes up which tells the user that they need to update the ASSET DESCRIPTION to be the above url. Once the Asset description is changed to point to the JSON file, then the asset is “enhanced” and the user can specify additional information using the tools

There is actually a video on the website which walks a user through the entire process… the part about how to change your asset description in counterwallet can be found at :

So it was good a description here.
Thank you very much.

I was able to successfully register.