Easy Guide to Earn FoldingCoin

If you have a GPU farm or a fast mining computer that no longer earns much Scrypt-mining, this guide will help you move to the ultimate ASIC-proof mining algorithm: protein folding!

In 5-10 minutes you will be earning FoldingCoin with your computer and at the same time you will be helping scientists around the world understand and make progress toward diseases like Alzheimer’s and Mad Cow disease.

1. Visit Counterwallet (opens in new tab) to create your Counterparty wallet. Once you open your new wallet, grab the first address by clicking on it, then right-click -> Copy.

counterwallet address

2. Visit http://folding.stanford.edu/ (opens in new tab) and click Download to follow the setup of your Folding@Home software aka your mining software. When it’s time to enter your account name, use your address from Counterwallet as your account name.

3. Email the FoldingCoin administrator by clicking here to create your account with them. In the body of the email, fill in your counterwallet address which should also be your Folding@Home username so they know who to credit the FLDC to. If you’ll tell them that weex referred you, I will also earn some FLDC for writing this howto.

4. Optional: Join Let’s Talk Bitcoin and register your counterwallet address using this quick guide: http://letstalkbitcoin.com/forum/post/easy-guide-to-sign-a-message-to-verify-your-ltb-address
Once you’ve both verified with LTB and received your first FLDC payment, you’ll be allowed into the FoldingCoin General forum here: http://letstalkbitcoin.com/forum/board/foldingcoin-general

That’s it! You should see your first FLDC payout in a day or two. Payments are sent daily.