Duplicate/ghost transaction?

About an hour ago, I sent some tokens to another CP wallet. The transaction went through as normal, and the tokens are now in the other wallet, and available to use.
As normal, while the tx was underway, the send wallet/address displayed:
Balance + (new balance) + the rotating dots/circle that indicates the tx is being processed.

My problem is that now the balance/new balance/circle is displayed again, as if I repeated the send tx for the same amount - but I didn’t. This has been going on for about half an hour.

It’s as if the system duplicated my original tx, but there’s no sign of a new deposit in the other CP wallet. I’m kind of worried about this. Hopefully, this is some kind of ghost tx, and will resolve itself.

The amount I sent was equivalent to around $200, so it can’t possibly be a tx fee. Besides, as far as I know, the fee is taken in BTC, which was deducted from the send wallet’s btc balance as usual.

Has anyone else encountered this problem recently?

Thanks in advance for help/advice!

Wouldn’t you know - it’s now resolved! Well, at least if anyone else encounters this issue, and you come across my post, you can be reassured it will probably be OK. That said, does anyone know why this happens?

Maybe there was a rollback in the bitcoin blockchain