Dogeparty Token Distribution Group

Welcome to Dogeparty Token Distribution Group

Here users can perform little tasks and receive Dogeparty tokens as rewards, as well as Dogecoins.

Also, token issuers who are too busy to create distribution models for their tokens can send them to us and we will try to distribute them accordingly.

Thirdly, token issuers may also suggest their own crowdsourcing assignments that they need help with and we will approve them if they are considered to be reasonable.

How hard is it to earn Dogecoin and how long will it take until it becomes profitable?

Earning dogecoin is going to become quite a bit harder from a hashing perspective since it's about to become merge mined with Litecoin. Dogecoin mining profitability is probably best discussed in another thread and I'd actually suggest asking that in

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Welcome to Dogeparty Token Distribution Group

Oh, I'm so glad I'm in!