Should we be destroying assets on competing chains?

If someone were an XCP holder on the main (Bitcoin) Counterparty chain, and they believed that Dogeparty were a threat to Counterparty, a simple solution would likely be to buy and destroy popular asset names on Dogeparty.

So, for example, let’s say you were concerned that FLDC wanted to leave the Bitcoin chain for the Doge chain. A simple solution is to buy their name (and any reasonable derivative) and burn it. It would probably only cost you a few hundred bucks to destroy all the remotely valuable names on the Dogeparty chain.

Just a shower thought, maybe it’s worth discussing. This is also a good argument for the positive economic benefit of name squatters BTW.

Its funny that you say this, because i tried to buy FLDC on dogeparty and could not because someone already did. So i sent him a new asset called “WANTTOBUYFLDC” in hopes that he/she would sell it to me so i could burn it. I would assume that most XCP project names are already purchased on the dogeparty, this is a mistake that i should have thought of when dogeparty was released to aviod this but whats done is done

Deep markets are efficient - imagine that! I’d suggest doing the same thing that was done to you, to another project. It’s a great defensive move. So OCTO is a new project? Buy it’s asset name on doge and burn it. If OCTO becomes successful, now you don’t have to worry about them making a migration that will impact your business.